Samsung Plans to Invest $200 Billion in Texas for 11 New Semiconductor Fabs

Samsung has taken the first steps on the road towards erecting 11 new semiconductor factories in Texas. The company recently filed for 11 applications seeking tax breaks for building the facilities with the Taylor and Manor school districts. These applications, which fall within the Chapter 313 incentives program that’s expiring this year, were posted Wednesday afternoon on the Texas comptroller’s website, and would signify a $192 billion investment and the potential for around 10,000 jobs.

These are numbers usually reserved for federal-government level projects, and dwarf any single Intel investment announcement. It’s also four times larger a commitment than even the struggling, $52 billion United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) is aiming to inject on domestic manufacturing capabilities. Its languishing in congress on account of bipartisan differences has even led Intel to delay groundbreaking on its new Ohio facilities, while threatening to move to greener fields in the heart of Europe.

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