Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is excellent — but I’m choosing this phone instead

In the run up to the final official reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I was hyped to get a phone that was set to be the spiritual successor of the Galaxy Note phones, which were pretty much killed off after the Galaxy Note 20.

And thankfully Samsung delivered that with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, neatly blending the best bits of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as adding in some refinements. With its latest flagship, Samsung has created one of the best Android phones and indeed one of the best phones you can buy right now. Yet I’m underwhelmed.

When I got my hands on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, I was fully expecting it to pull me away from an beloved iPhone 13 Pro, as I’m a natural big Android phone fan. But that didn’t happen thanks to the stellar consistency of the iPhone 13 Pro experience.

(Image credit: Future)

So instead, I expected the Galaxy S22 Ultra to become my go-to Android phone, replacing the excellent but occasionally janky Google Pixel 6 Pro. Afterall, I adore the design of the S22 Ultra, with its expansive flatter, rectangular display making it a great screen on which to gawp at pretty much anything.

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