How To Set Up Apple Pay For Teens With Apple Cash Family

Apple users under the age of 18 can’t sign up for an Apple Cash card on their own, but can make digital payments using Apple Cash Family.

Teenagers under 18 years of age can’t sign up for Apple Cash on their own — a service similar to PayPal and Cash App that stores cash digitally for use with Apple Pay — but Apple Cash Family allows a family organizer to set up cards for teens with Family Sharing. The Apple Cash card appears in the Wallet app on iPhones by default but must be set up by an adult before it can be used. After it is set up, the card functions similarly to any other card stored in Apple Wallet. Instead of charging a debit or credit account through Apple Pay, the Apple Cash card deducts straight from the balance that has been loaded onto it. This can be useful, especially for teenagers who might not yet have a debit or credit account.


Money can be added to an Apple Cash card either directly from a bank account or through peer-to-peer payments. Similar to other payment solutions, people can use Apple Cash to send and receive money. This functionality is tied into the Apple ecosystem, which makes it all the more useful. Users can send and request money directly through iMessage, and use Apple Cash like any other card with Apple Pay. That means when a user adds to their Apple Cash balance, the money can be used anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted. For people that would rather transfer the balance back to a bank account, the Apple Cash card supports bank transfers as well.

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Setting up Apple Cash for a teenager allows them to make purchases with Apple Pay and send and receive money through the Wallet app. When money is added to the Apple Cash card, it offers the same flexibility as a contactless credit or debit card without the risk and commitment. Moreover, the amount of money added to the card can be controlled and limited, so the organizer of Apple Cash Family can monitor and restrict the card’s usage as they see fit. In order to set up Apple Cash Family, the family organizer must begin the process and there must be a member of the Family Sharing group under the age of 18. It’s just for teenagers, though — the family organizer can only set up an Apple Cash account for children 13 years or older.

Set Up Apple Cash Family In Settings

The Apple Cash Card, available in the wallet app.

Before setting up Apple Cash Family, the family organizer must set up their own account first. It’s important to sign up for Apple Cash with the same Apple ID that was used to start Family Sharing, because Apple Cash Family cannot work if the two services are enabled through different accounts. To set up a personal Apple Cash account as the family organizer, open the Settings app on iPhone or iPad and scroll down to ‘Wallet & Apple Pay.’ Turn on Apple Cash by tapping the toggle next to it. Scroll down to ‘Payment Cards‘ and tap on ‘Apple Cash.’ Follow the prompts to set up Apple Cash as the family organizer, and after this is completed, it is possible to start using Apple Cash Family.

On the family organizer’s iPhone, open the Settings app again. This time, tap the user’s name at the top of the screen and scroll down to ‘Family Sharing.’ Tap on ‘Apple Cash‘ and select the name of a child or teenager who is a part of the organizer’s Family Sharing group. To confirm and finish setting up Apple Cash, tap ‘Set Up Apple Cash‘ and follow the on-screen prompts. Depending on how a user has previously used the Wallet app and Apple Cash card, they may be asked to verify their identity. This involves producing a valid identification card, social security number, or other means of identification. After the prompts are completed, Apple Cash Family will be set up and the organizer can monitor the child’s Apple Cash account.

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