How To Add Friends On Apple Music (And See What They’re Listening To)

Apple Music users can create a public or private profile to share what they’re listening to with friends and view their friends’ habits as well.

Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming services for music at the digital age, but users might not know that the platform also has a social networking component that allows friends to connect through music. Though there are competing options for music streaming, notably Spotify, Apple Music is a solid choice for people in the company’s ecosystem of devices. The Music app is pre-installed on iPhones, and users can experience the service with free trials that vary in length. In addition, Apple services often provide unique ways to connect with other users throughout the company’s entire portfolio, and Apple Music is no different. Users can simply use the streamer to discover and play music, but they can also connect and share with friends.


The integration of Apple Music with Apple’s other offerings makes it possible to share songs and playlists outside of the Music application. After a playlist has been created, users have the option to share the playlist as they would any other type of media. This is best done using iMessage, which has the strongest Apple Music integration. There is a Music application for iMessage that allows users to share their recently played songs directly with other people over iMessage. After the iMessage has been sent, the recipient can tap on the song to automatically open it in the Music app. This is an intuitive way to share songs and playlists, but it requires leaving the application. Fortunately, Apple has a way to connect and share with friends right inside the Music app.

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The sharing starts on Apple Music by creating a profile, just like any social network. Open the Music app on an Apple device, and tap listen now at the bottom left corner of the screen. At the top right of the ‘Listen Now’ page, there will be an account photo icon that represents an Apple Music profile. Tap that icon, and select ‘Set Up Profile.’ Then, follow the prompts that appear on the screen to create a username, find friends and share playlists. Users also have the option to add a profile picture or set their account as private to keep their listening history hidden from other people.

Connect With Friends On Apple Music

Different app pages on Apple Music.

The social networking component of Apple Music is built-in directly within the service, so finding and following friends is simple. Entering a friend’s name or username in the search bar — the same one a user would find music with — will bring up their profile in the results. Next, tap the friend’s name in the results, which will bring up their profile. If their profiles, playlists and listening history are all public, it will be possible to view all that information without following them. Otherwise, a user will need to follow their friend and wait for them to accept their request. Tap the red ‘Follow’ button underneath the friend’s user name to add them as a friend on Apple Music.

After people have been added as friends on Apple Music, users can see what their friends are listening to without journeying to their profile. Instead, on the ‘Listen Now’ tab in the Music app, scroll down to the ‘Friends Are Listening To’ section. This will be a portion of music exclusively listened to by the friends that a user has added on Apple Music and shows what friends are listening to all in one place. Additionally, when a song or album page is opened on Apple Music, the service will show the profile pictures and friends’ names who have listened to the same song or album. All in all, the social networking component of Apple Music is just another reason why it is so compelling for Apple users entrenched in the company’s ecosystem.

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